Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tanners football season...

We have had so much fun living so close to home! Especially during Tanners football season, we were able to make it to all of his games and he is so fun to watch! He is an awesome football player! I am so great full for Tanner and his example. My kids absolutely love their Uncle Tanner!!!

During one of the football games when he was on the sidelines we looked over and he was playing with a little boy, and then when the game was over and they ran out to sing the fight song he went and picked up the little boy and put him on his shoulders and ran out onto the field with him, that little boy was ALL smiles, it was so cute!!! That is just the person Tanner is!!! So awesome Love you Tanner!


Heitmann Family said...

How fun!! I love football and it is always so much more fun when you have someone to watch!!!

wendospendo said...

Jennie! It was fun running into the other day and to add to it I found your blog. Hope your Holiday was good. Your kids sure are cute.